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Custom Pet Portrait Art Print

Custom Pet Portrait Art Print

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For many of us, our pets are our pride and joy! So what's better than getting their cute faces and funny moments captured in the form of an art print?

Pet Portrait art prints are perfect for gifting either to a friend, family member or yourself! Great for decorating your bedroom, desk, or binders; showing off your pet has become that much easier :D 


Some tips for picking the perfect picture!

  • Clear and bright so we can see all the great details
  • Preferably forward facing or side profile
  • Preferably no filters on your photo however, if there is a filter no worries :)
  • No blurry pictures please! this makes it difficult to ensure that your custom stickers come out looking super duper awesome.
  • The better the photo the better the final product! :)

These are handmade and illustrated by me! 


Product Details:

  • 4 x 6 inches without frame
  • 5x7 inches with frame
  • Frame is made of cardboard
  • The art print is not removable from the cardboard frame 
  • Super cute!
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